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North Dakota genealogy is being developed as a genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It contains information and records for North Dakota ancestry, family history, and genealogy. Specifically, it provides sources for birth records, death records, marriage records, census records, tax records, court records, and military records. It also provides some historical details about different times and people in North Dakota history.

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North Dakota Biographies

North Dakota Genealogy

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Biography of E. Y. Sarles of Hillsboro ND

E. Y. Sarles, the ninth governor of North Dakota, was born in Wonewoc, Wisconsin, on January 15, 1859. He received his education in Wisconsin and worked in the banking and lumber business with his brother. Sarles organized several banks and currently serves as vice president and director of the First…
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Biography of Frank Wellington Wilder of Grand Forks ND

Frank Wellington Wilder, born in 1857, hailed from a long line of Massachusetts settlers. Although he pursued a legal education, he never practiced law and instead ventured westward. In 1887, he arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he became involved in public affairs and played a crucial role in…
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Biography of Birt Elsworth Mitterling of Larimore ND

Birt Elsworth Mitterling, owner of Larimore Machine Works, was born in Indiana in 1874. With a background in mechanical training, he gained experience in machinist work and steam plant construction before establishing his own business in Larimore, North Dakota. He married Anna Frick in 1899, and they have a son…
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Biography of Bardi G. Skulason of Grand Forks ND

Bardi G. Skulason, born in Iceland in 1871, immigrated to the United States with his parents in 1876. After a challenging journey through Quebec and the Great Lakes, they settled in North Dakota. Despite financial difficulties, Skulason worked his way through the University of North Dakota, graduating in 1895. He…
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Biography of Aurelius Lansing Wall of Fargo ND

Aurelius Lansing Wall, a prominent lumber dealer from Fargo, North Dakota, was born in New York in 1848. After relocating to North Dakota in 1882, he established himself in the lumber business and later served as an alderman, state representative, and mayor. He was married to Ida V. Stebbins, who…
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Biography of Arthur Bernette Landt of Northwood ND

Arthur Bernette Landt, a native of Wisconsin, has been serving as the cashier of First National Bank in Northwood, North Dakota since October 1901. He entered the banking business in 1890 and moved to North Dakota in 1891. Married to Gertrude Gunning, they have two daughters.
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