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Biography of Hon. Charles Joseph Fisk of Grand Forks, North Dakota

Hon. Charles Joseph Fisk, a respected jurist, was born in Illinois in 1862. After a diligent education and a successful career in law, he was elected as a district judge and later elevated to the Supreme Court of North Dakota in 1906. Fisk’s integrity, legal expertise, and genial disposition earned him wide admiration, enabling him to excel in his high office. He married Miss Ida M. Myers, and they have two daughters, Helen Marion and Doris May, who bring much joy to their lives.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of James Henry Mathews of Larimore North Dakota

James Henry Mathews was born in Ireland, later immigrating to New York. He had a diverse career, serving in the Civil War and engaging in various businesses, from retail to real estate. Mathews settled in North Dakota, where he established a bonanza farm and actively participated in politics. He married and had five children, although two tragically passed away. Involved in numerous fraternal organizations, he also held positions in several banks, insurance companies, and land businesses, making him a prominent figure in the region’s business community. Today, Mathews remains heavily engaged in real estate, livestock, and land investments.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of George Clinton Russell, of Inkster, North Dakota

George Clinton Russell, born in 1876 in Fort Covington, New York, was a successful businessman and civic leader in Inkster, North Dakota. He played an active role in his community, serving as a justice of the peace, city auditor, and clerk of Inkster School District. He was also involved in various fraternal organizations. Russell married Dora A. Mooney in 1903, and they had two children, George Irving and Mary Louise.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Donald McDonald of Grand Forks North Dakota

Donald McDonald, born in Canada in 1850 to Scottish parents, moved to Dubuque County, Iowa, where his family engaged in farming and milling. In 1878, he settled in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He purchased the Grand Forks “Plaindealer” newspaper shortly after his arrival, successfully running it for two years before selling it. In 1879, McDonald was appointed postmaster, overseeing the growth of the post office from fourth to second-class. He witnessed the evolution of mail transportation, from stagecoaches to railway service. After leaving the post office, McDonald ventured into various business endeavors, including undertaking and tent/awning manufacturing. In 1906, he was elected county treasurer, a position he currently holds.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Christian M. Hansen of Northwood North Dakota

Christian M. Hansen, a Danish native, was born on October 24, 1844. He immigrated to the United States in 1865 and obtained his naturalization papers in Indiana. He returned to Denmark briefly before marrying Katrine Madsen and settling in Alexandria, Minnesota. In 1884, they moved to Northwood, North Dakota, where they established a business that endured a fire in 1894 but was promptly rebuilt. They have four children: Kerstina, Maria, Martinus, and Frederick Hansen. Christian M. Hansen, of Northwood, North Dakota, is a native of Denmark, born on October 24, 1844. His father, Frederick Hansen, and his mother, Kjerstine (Gertsen) …

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Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Eugene Fretz, Jr. of Grand Forks, ND

Eugene Fretz, Jr., a native of France, is the state agent of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company in Grand Forks, North Dakota. With extensive education and experience in the insurance industry, Fretz has successfully grown the business and established it as one of the leading agencies in the Northwest. He is also a proud member of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks and is happily married with one child.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Frank Wellington Wilder of Grand Forks ND

Frank Wellington Wilder, born in 1857, hailed from a long line of Massachusetts settlers. Although he pursued a legal education, he never practiced law and instead ventured westward. In 1887, he arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he became involved in public affairs and played a crucial role in the establishment of the city’s public library. His efforts in securing funding from Mr. Carnegie and donations from citizens for the library building were instrumental. Mr. Wilder, a dedicated member of various clubs and societies, has been a steadfast presence in Grand Forks, actively contributing to the community’s growth and progress. He married Mary E. Booth in 1893, and they have a daughter named Marjorie.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Birt Elsworth Mitterling of Larimore ND

Birt Elsworth Mitterling, owner of Larimore Machine Works, was born in Indiana in 1874. With a background in mechanical training, he gained experience in machinist work and steam plant construction before establishing his own business in Larimore, North Dakota. He married Anna Frick in 1899, and they have a son named Ebin.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Bardi G. Skulason of Grand Forks ND

Bardi G. Skulason, born in Iceland in 1871, immigrated to the United States with his parents in 1876. After a challenging journey through Quebec and the Great Lakes, they settled in North Dakota. Despite financial difficulties, Skulason worked his way through the University of North Dakota, graduating in 1895. He embarked on a career in education and law, serving as a principal and studying law in his spare time. Admitted to the bar in 1897, he established a successful law practice in Grand Forks. Skulason played a significant role in the establishment of the Icelandic Library at the State University, and his public speaking skills have made him a well-known figure in the state.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Arthur Bernette Landt of Northwood ND

Arthur Bernette Landt, a native of Wisconsin, has been serving as the cashier of First National Bank in Northwood, North Dakota since October 1901. He entered the banking business in 1890 and moved to North Dakota in 1891. Married to Gertrude Gunning, they have two daughters.

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