Biography of James Kennedy of Fargo North Dakota

James Kennedy, a prominent contractor in Fargo, North Dakota, was born in Ireland on December 11, 1857. He immigrated to America with his parents and was educated in Medina County, New York. Arriving in Fargo in 1880, Kennedy quickly became influential in civic and political circles. Known for his charitable contributions, he managed significant contracts nationwide and operated a 3,000-acre farm in Cass and Ransom counties. As a state senator for the Ninth district and national chairman for the Republican party, he led the campaign supporting President Taft. Kennedy and his wife lived on North Broadway with their eight children.

James Kennedy, a prominent figure in Fargo, North Dakota, is widely recognized both in the state and across the United States. As a contractor, his reputation extends nationwide. He was born in Ireland on December 11, 1857, and immigrated to America with his parents during his early years. They settled in New York state, where James received his education in the schools of Medina county. On March 17, 1880, he arrived in Fargo, North Dakota, where he quickly established himself as a prominent figure in civic and political life. Known for his charitable nature, he has consistently contributed to worthy causes and demonstrated a quick and generous spirit.

Throughout his life, Mr. Kennedy has adhered to a motto of staying busy, and he certainly lives up to it. He is constantly engaged in important contracts in various parts of the country and manages a farming operation encompassing 3,000 acres of land in Cass and Ransom counties. In addition, he holds significant business interests in Fargo. Over the years, he has completed millions of dollars’ worth of contract work in North Dakota and other states, often serving as one of the largest employers in the region. His expertise has even taken him as far as Salt Lake City, where he successfully completed numerous public works projects totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In addition to his role as a state senator representing the Ninth district, Mr. Kennedy serves as the national chairman from North Dakota for the Republican party. He notably led the successful national campaign that contributed to Taft’s resounding majority in North Dakota. His leadership has earned the confidence and respect of Republican leaders nationwide, as well as the admiration of public figures from all walks of life. Known for his integrity and steadfastness, Mr. Kennedy’s word is as good as his bond, and his friendships are characterized by their strength and loyalty.

Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy reside in a beautiful home on North Broadway, where they enjoy an ideal existence surrounded by a happy family of eight children, consisting of five boys and three girls.


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