McIntosh County

Christoph Bauer and wife

Christoph Bauer Family of Ashley

Christoph Bauer, born in 1885 in South Russia, moved to the U.S. in 1894, eventually settling in North Dakota. In 1906, he married Margaret Goebel and started farming near Lehr. After various endeavors, including running a grain elevator and working as a grain buyer, Christ entered public service as a city councilman, then as County Sheriff. Post-retirement, he supervised German prisoners in California during WWII, later becoming a park policeman in Lodi. In 1956, Christ and Margaret celebrated their 50th anniversary in Ashley before returning to Lodi, where they resided as of 1963.

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Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hoffman and Alvina

Fred Hoffman Family of Ashley

Fred Hoffman, born in 1891 in Eureka, South Dakota, took on early family responsibilities after his father’s death. Moving to McIntosh County, he worked tirelessly to support his family. In 1933, he married Bertha Heyd and farmed near Ashley until 1960. A dedicated member of the Zion Lutheran Church, Fred passed away in 1962. He and Bertha had one daughter, Alvina. Mrs. Hoffman continued to reside in Ashley after the death of her husband, maintaining the legacy of resilience and family unity that defined their lives.

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John J. and Louisa Weber

John J. and Louisa Weber of Ashley

In 1901, John J. Weber, at twenty-two, homesteaded in McIntosh County, enduring hardships like droughts and blizzards. Marrying Louisa Kraemer in 1907, they farmed until 1923 when John transitioned to running a meat market and cream station in Danzig. A dedicated member of the Danzig Reformed Church, he served as elder and deacon. The Webers had three daughters, with the family deeply rooted in the Ashley area. After John’s passing in 1943, Louisa moved to Ashley, living independently into her eighties, symbolizing the enduring spirit of their pioneering life.

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Jacob J Landsiedel and wife

Jacob J. Landsiedel Family of Ashley

Jacob J. Landsiedel, born in Russia in 1900, journeyed to America as an infant, eventually settling in North Dakota. Growing up on a homestead, he witnessed the transformation from oxen to modern machinery. In 1938, he married Emelia Schilling, continuing to farm the land passed down through generations. The Landsiedels, deeply connected to their community and church, faced challenges like prairie fires and floods with resilience. Eventually moving to Ashley, they built a modern home while maintaining their farming roots. Their family, a blend of tradition and progress, remains a testament to their enduring legacy.

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G C Nitschke and wife

C. G. Nitschke Family of Ashley

Born in South Russia in 1886, G. C. Nitschke’s life journey led him to America in 1894. Marrying Katherina Heyd in 1908, they established a robust family legacy near Ashley. The Nitschkes, blessed with nine children, cultivated a life of faith and hard work on their expanding homestead. G. C.’s commitment shone through his 16-year service on the school board and his contributions to the Peace Lutheran Church. Their story is a testament to resilience, community, and enduring family bonds.

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John J Sackmann and wife

John J Sackmann Family of Ashley

Andreas Sackmann, born in 1862 in South Russia, and his wife Karolina, born in 1863, emigrated to America, homesteading near Ashley. Their legacy includes nine children, with descendants spread from Minneapolis to California. The family, deeply rooted in farming, also ventured into business in Ashley. Their lives, marked by a return to farming and active church involvement, culminated in a large, diverse family, contributing significantly to their community until their passing in the mid-20th century. Their story is a tapestry of migration, hard work, and enduring family bonds.

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Max Albert Wishek and Viola Louise Hezel

The Wishek Family of Ashley

The manuscript titled “Ashley Diamond Jubilee” is a comprehensive historical account focusing on Ashley, North Dakota, and its surrounding communities. The document, spanning 279 pages, begins by discussing the Ashley Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of 75 years of progress in North Dakota. It includes various historical and administrative details about Ashley and McIntosh County, including the establishment of towns, early settlers, and the development of the area.

Found on pages 154-156 is the following genealogy of the Wishek Family:

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