Biography of Enos Gray of Gill Township ND

Enos Gray, a highly regarded citizen of Cass County, North Dakota, was born in 1829 in Embden, Maine. After spending time in California for mining operations, he returned to Portland, Maine, before establishing a homestead in Gill Township, Cass County, in 1879. Through hard work and dedication, Gray transformed his homestead into a thriving farm, expanding his land holdings to approximately 1,300 acres. Today, the farm is managed by his son, Oscar F., and produces an annual harvest of around 20,000 bushels of grain. Gray has been involved in various community positions and is affiliated with the Democratic Party. He is married to Mindwell Thompson, and they have a son and a daughter.

Enos Gray of Gill Township ND
Enos Gray of Gill Township ND

Enos Gray, a long-standing and respected citizen of Cass County, North Dakota, was born on February 4, 1829, in Embden, Maine. He was the son of Joshua and Betsey (Williams) Gray, both natives of Maine. Enos’ father, Joshua Gray, Sr., was a farmer, as was Enos’ father.

Enos grew up on his father’s farm alongside his two brothers and two sisters. He received his education in the local public schools. After reaching adulthood, he ventured to California and spent four years engaged in mining operations. He later returned to his hometown of Portland, Maine, where he resided until 1876.

In the spring of 1879, Mr. Gray established a homestead in Gill Township, Cass County, North Dakota. This marked the beginning of his successful career. Starting with undeveloped land in an unsettled region, he transformed his homestead into one of the exemplary farms in the Red River Valley. Through diligent efforts, he made significant improvements, constructing fine buildings and equipping the farm with modern amenities necessary for efficient operations.

Over the years, Mr. Gray expanded his holdings as the country developed. Additional acres were acquired, and as of 1909, he owned approximately 1,300 acres of arable land dedicated to cultivating wheat and other small grains. Currently, all of his land is under cultivation. After many years of hard work, Mr. Gray has retired and passed on the active management of the farm to his only son, Oscar F. Under Oscar’s supervision, the farm yields an annual harvest of around 20,000 bushels of grain.

The presence of the Casselton branch of the Northern Pacific Railroad running through the farm provides excellent shipping opportunities. Mr. Gray holds significant influence in his community and aligns himself with the Democratic Party. Throughout his life, he has been entrusted with various positions of responsibility, serving as chairman on the township board, acting as county assessor in 1887-88, representing the fourteenth district in the 1889 constitutional convention, and fulfilling other local offices, all to the satisfaction of his fellow citizens.

On May 13, 1852, Mr. Gray married Miss Mindwell Thompson, a childhood companion from Embden, Maine. They have one son, Oscar F., born on November 26, 1853, and one daughter, Imogene, born on June 8, 1856. Both Oscar F. and Imogene reside in Casselton at their parents’ home.


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