Biography of Samuel G. Roberts, of Fargo, North Dakota

Samuel G. Roberts, born March 10, 1843, in Brooks, Maine, was a key figure in the development of Fargo, North Dakota. A Civil War veteran, he served in both the Seventeenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and Hancock’s Corps, achieving the rank of First Lieutenant. After the war, Roberts studied law in Minneapolis, being admitted to the bar in 1870. He moved to Fargo in 1872, contributing significantly to its growth, including helping to establish the First National Bank. A dedicated Republican, Roberts held various public offices, including State’s Attorney and City Attorney. He married Jennie Baldwin in 1872, and they had a daughter, Ruth.

Samuel G Roberts
Samuel G Roberts

Samuel G. Roberts, a significant figure in the development and growth of Fargo, North Dakota, was born on March 10, 1843, in Brooks, Maine. He received his upbringing and education in Maine, supplementing his knowledge from the common schools with an academic course. At the outset of the Civil War in 1861, he enlisted in Company B of the Seventeenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and served actively with that regiment until August 10, 1864, when he was mustered out. Afterward, he relocated to Stillwater, Minnesota, and in 1865, he enlisted once again, this time in Company A of the Ninth United States Veteran Volunteers, also known as Hancock’s Corps. He performed guard duty in Washington, D.C., and Indianapolis, Indiana, for a year. During his prior service, he participated in various battles in North and South Carolina, primarily smaller engagements, and sustained wounds on three separate occasions. He rose to the rank of First Lieutenant.

Following his final discharge, Mr. Roberts resided in Indianapolis for over a year before returning to Minneapolis, where he pursued legal studies and gained admission to the bar in 1870. He practiced law in Minneapolis for two years before arriving in Fargo, North Dakota, in January 1872. He settled on a quarter section of land, which is now the site of the city of Fargo. Initially partnering with S. G. Comstock, he engaged in the practice of law in Moorhead, Minnesota, and subsequently returned to Fargo, where he has since devoted himself almost continuously to his chosen profession. He played a role in the establishment of the First National Bank and held stock in the bank for many years. Additionally, he contributed to the initiation of the Fargo Foundry and the Republican Newspaper Company, both of which have since ceased operations.

In October 1872, Mr. Roberts married Mrs. Jennie Baldwin, a native of Canada. They have a daughter named Ruth, who is currently attending the state university. Mr. Roberts has consistently been a lifelong Republican, actively involved in organizing the party in North Dakota. He has consistently taken an active and prominent role in public affairs, serving as a member of the Territorial Council in 1879 and 1883, a member of the Territorial Committee on Emigration in 1875 and 1876, the State’s Attorney for Cass County in 1877 and 1878, and the County Superintendent of Schools for a period in the early 1870s. He also held the position of Municipal Judge during its existence in 1896 and served three terms as a member of the City Council and three terms as City Attorney. Mr. Roberts is a highly respected and enterprising individual in Fargo, and he has proven to be a popular official.


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