Biography of Robert H. McCoy of Grand Forks North Dakota

Robert H. McCoy, born January 7, 1859, in Green County, Wisconsin, is a prominent resident of Grand Forks, North Dakota. Son of James and Margrete McCoy, he began his career in the timber industry in Wisconsin. In 1879, McCoy moved to Grand Forks, where he founded the Grand Forks Lumber Company, serving as its president and manager. The company became the largest industrial enterprise in the Northwest. McCoy also holds interests in other ventures, including the Bonners’ Ferry Lumber Company in Idaho. He married Caddie E. Scribner on May 15, 1886, and they have two sons, Lawrence R. and Harold J. McCoy.

Robert H McCoy
Robert H McCoy

Robert H. McCoy, a resident of Grand Forks, was born on January 7, 1859, in Green County, Wisconsin. His father, James McCoy, was a native of Scotland and worked as a farmer. His mother, Margrete McCoy, hailed from the north of Ireland. During his early years, Mr. McCoy lived the life of a typical farmer’s son. He received his primary education in Madison, Wisconsin. Early on, he embarked on a business career and spent several years involved in the timber industry in his home state, gaining comprehensive knowledge of the trade. In May 1879, he relocated to North Dakota and settled in Grand Forks. There, he established the Grand Forks Lumber Company and has since served as its president and active manager. The company stands as the largest industrial enterprise in the Northwest, and under Mr. McCoy’s astute leadership, it has achieved remarkable success and played a crucial role in the region’s development. Employing several hundred individuals, the company annually produces products valued at several hundred thousand dollars. Additionally, Mr. McCoy holds interests in the Bonners’ Ferry Lumber Company in Bonners’ Ferry, Idaho, as well as various other substantial ventures in different locations.

On May 15, 1886, Mr. McCoy married Caddie E. Scribner in St. Paul. They have been blessed with two sons named Lawrence R. McCoy and Harold J. McCoy.


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