Biography of T. J. Hagen of Grand Forks North Dakota

T. J. Hagen, born August 26, 1865, in Hedermorken, Norway, was the treasurer of Grand Forks, North Dakota. He moved to Kristiania in 1882 to train as a gunsmith and emigrated to Hillsboro, North Dakota, after completing his apprenticeship. Hagen worked in various blacksmith shops before opening his own in 1889, which he operated until 1905. In the spring of 1906, he was elected city treasurer of Grand Forks.

T. J. Hagen, the treasurer of the City of Grand Forks, was born on August 26, 1865, in Hedermorken, Norway. On April 11, 1882, he moved to Kristiania, the capital of Norway, to learn the trade of gunsmithing, which was one of the prominent trades in the country at the time. After completing his apprenticeship and working as a journeyman for a year, he emigrated to Hillsboro, North Dakota. There, he found employment in a general blacksmith shop and pursued his trade in several towns throughout the valley. On July 25, 1889, he established his own general blacksmith shop, which he operated until the autumn of 1905 when he sold the business.

In the spring of 1906, he was elected to the esteemed position of city treasurer for the City of Grand Forks.


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