John J Sackmann Family of Ashley

Andreas Sackmann, born in 1862 in South Russia, and his wife Karolina, born in 1863, emigrated to America, homesteading near Ashley. Their legacy includes twelve children, with descendants spread from Minneapolis to California. The family, deeply rooted in farming, also ventured into business in Ashley. Their lives, marked by a return to farming and active church involvement, culminated in a large, diverse family, contributing significantly to their community until their passing in the mid-20th century. Their story is a tapestry of migration, hard work, and enduring family bonds.

John J Sackmann and wife
John J Sackmann and wife

Andreas Sackmann, a son of Johannes and Katherina Sackmann, nee Necker, was born December 16, 1862 in Wittenberg, South Russia. His wife, Karolina Schlabsz, a daughter of Jacob and Susanna Schlabsz, nee Dobler, was born February 5, 1863 in Beresina, South Russia. They were married in South Russia and a few years later came to America. They homesteaded on land ten miles east and one mile south of Ashley. Nine children were born to this union of which four remain. Christina, the late Mrs. Gottlieb Kessel, was born in South Russia on August 30, 1884. Johannes, born July 14, 1886 and Andreas, born November 10, 1889 were the other two children born in South Russia. Friederika, Mrs. Frieda Kessel, born March 4, 1892, now lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Susanna was born November 23, 1894 and Jacob was born November 11, 1896. Susanna, Mrs. Susan Fink, was born August 11, 1899. She lives in Lodi, California. Martin, born February 6, 1901 is the Case Implement dealer in Ashley. Marie, Mrs. Jacob Woeszner, residing in Ashley was born July 18, 1904.

Mr. and Mrs. Andreas Sackmann retired from farming in 1910 and moved to Ashley.

On February 15, 1906 John J. Sackmann was united in marriage with Maria Magdalena Nagel, a daughter of Johann and Christina Nagel, nee Schlenker. Mrs. Sackmann was born near Ashley on November 17, 1887.

Mr. Sackmann filed on land — the southeast quarter of 15-129-69. They lived on this farm until 1910 when they moved to the farm Mr. Sackmann acquired from his father, the present G. L. Sackmann farm. Here they farmed until 1919 when they moved to town and Mr. Sackmann went into the shoe and harness business with his father. In 1923 they decided they liked farming better and moved back to the same farm. With the help of their family, they actively operated this farm until the fall of 1946, when they retired and moved to Ashley,

Of the twelve children born to them, ten remain.

  1. Rebecca, born November 12, 1907, married to Joe Daschendorf, Post Office custodian in Ashley.
  2. Maria Magdalena, born April 17, 1909.
  3. Viola, Mrs. Theo. Maier, born August 18, 1910, living on a farm near Ashley.
  4. Maria, born June 26, 1912, wife of Christ Maier, Ashley Motor dealer in Ashley.
  5. Loretta, born January 5, 1915, wife of Reinie Kramer, Insurance business in Ashley.
  6. Ervin, born November 4, 1916, formerly operated the Sackmann Jewelry store in Ashley.
  7. Edna, born February 26, 1919, wife of George Rothfusz, farmer living in Ashley.
  8. Gottlieb, born June 22, 1921 engaged in farming near Ashley.
  9. Esther, Mrs. Calvin Hochhalter, born February 9, 1923, teaching school at Worthington, Minn.
  10. Johannes, twin, born December 18, 1925.
  11. Jacob, twin, born December 18, 1925. Professor of Religion, North Central College, Naperville, Illinois.
  12. Inez, born May 31, 1929, wife of Ray Salzer, Electrician in Ashley.

Mr. and Mrs. Sackmann were members of the Ashley E. U. B. Church. They always took an active interest in church work until the death of Mr. Sackmann on October 13, 1955. Mrs. Sackmann passed away April 15, 1958.


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