Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Herman Winterer of Valley City North Dakota

Herman Winterer, born on January 1, 1857, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, pursued a successful career as a lawyer despite humble beginnings. After completing his education at the University of Minnesota and the University of Iowa, he settled in Valley City, North Dakota, in 1883. Initially partnering with Judge Seth Mills, Winterer quickly established himself as a capable lawyer. He held the position of state’s attorney for Barnes County and declined several judicial positions. Besides his legal work, Winterer actively participated in various organizations and served as the president of the Game and Fish Board of Control for North Dakota. He married Emma A. Myrick in 1887, and they had four children.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Amasa Parker Peake of Valley City ND

Amasa Parker Peake, born in 1861 in Crow Wing, Minnesota, was a distinguished military figure and the adjutant general of North Dakota. His upbringing was shaped by his father’s missionary work and their subsequent relocation to California. After settling in Valley City, North Dakota, in 1881, Peake excelled in various fields, from banking to real estate. He also made successful ventures in the lignite coal and copper mining industries. Peake’s interest in the military led him to join the Territorial National Guard, eventually rising to the rank of brigadier general and serving as adjutant general from 1909. He also contributed to education and legislative work, advocating for mandatory physical training. Throughout his career, Peake faithfully served the state of North Dakota.

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