Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of H. H. Grover of Lisbon, North Dakota

H. H. Grover, born in 1839, overcame early hardships and built a successful life for himself. He worked as a teacher and farmer before entering the mercantile business. Eventually, he settled in Ransom County, engaged in real estate, and later transitioned into property management and public service. Grover constructed a notable block in 1903 and now enjoys a peaceful retirement.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Charles Arthur Gram of Sheldon North Dakota

Charles Arthur Gram, born in 1869 in Toronto, Canada, is the president of the Gram & Hull Company in Sheldon. He received his education in North Dakota and served as a judge in Ransom County from 1901 to 1907. Gram is a member of the Masons and previously held the position of grand patron of the Order of Eastern Star. He married Clara A. Roesler in 1897, and they currently live in Sheldon.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Frank Wellington Wilder of Grand Forks ND

Frank Wellington Wilder, born in 1857, hailed from a long line of Massachusetts settlers. Although he pursued a legal education, he never practiced law and instead ventured westward. In 1887, he arrived in Grand Forks, North Dakota, where he became involved in public affairs and played a crucial role in the establishment of the city’s public library. His efforts in securing funding from Mr. Carnegie and donations from citizens for the library building were instrumental. Mr. Wilder, a dedicated member of various clubs and societies, has been a steadfast presence in Grand Forks, actively contributing to the community’s growth and progress. He married Mary E. Booth in 1893, and they have a daughter named Marjorie.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Andrew Sandager, of Lisbon, ND

Andrew Sandager, a prominent figure in Lisbon, North Dakota, has played a vital role in the growth and development of the region. As the president of the State Bank of Lisbon and a senior partner in Sandager & Hangan, a general merchandise firm, he has made significant contributions to the area’s economy. Born in Iowa in 1862, Sandager began his career as a registered pharmacist before venturing into the general merchandise business. He became involved in the State Bank of Lisbon and the Enterprise Milling Company, which thrived due to the region’s excellent wheat quality and well-equipped facilities. Sandager’s active engagement in politics and membership in various secret societies further exemplify his influence. Additionally, his donation of land for Sandager Park has enhanced the city’s beauty and reputation as a desirable residential and business area.

Red River Valley title page vol 2

Biography of Aaron McDonald of Fargo ND

Aaron McDonald, a prominent figure in North Dakota, has spent three decades in the Red River Valley as a farmer. Though he came close to becoming sheriff, he mostly avoids politics, preferring to vote for Democratic candidates. Married to Martha E. Brady, they have four children and are members of the Presbyterian church.

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