Biography of Andrew Sandager, of Lisbon, ND

Andrew Sandager, a prominent figure in Lisbon, North Dakota, has played a vital role in the growth and development of the region. As the president of the State Bank of Lisbon and a senior partner in Sandager & Hangan, a general merchandise firm, he has made significant contributions to the area’s economy. Born in Iowa in 1862, Sandager began his career as a registered pharmacist before venturing into the general merchandise business. He became involved in the State Bank of Lisbon and the Enterprise Milling Company, which thrived due to the region’s excellent wheat quality and well-equipped facilities. Sandager’s active engagement in politics and membership in various secret societies further exemplify his influence. Additionally, his donation of land for Sandager Park has enhanced the city’s beauty and reputation as a desirable residential and business area.

Andrew Sandager
Andrew Sandager

Andrew Sandager, of Lisbon, Ransom County, North Dakota, has been one of the principal promoters and developers of this area. He has served as the president of the State Bank of Lisbon for many years, is the senior partner of the general merchandise firm Sandager & Hangan, and has been associated with the Enterprise Milling Company.

Mr. Sandager was born on August 31, 1862, in Winneshiek County, Iowa. He was the fourth child in a family of eight children born to Endre P. and Ragnil (Hanse) Sandager, both natives of Norway. His mother still resides on the old homestead in Iowa. At the age of sixteen, Mr. Sandager began working at a drug store in Decorah, Iowa, and became a registered pharmacist. His first business venture took him to a drug store in Madison, South Dakota, where he stayed for about two years. In the fall of 1881, he moved to Grafton, North Dakota, and with his brother, engaged in the general merchandise business until 1884. He then purchased an interest in a general merchandise business in Lisbon, which he continues to be a part of. In 1890, the State Bank of Lisbon was established, and Mr. Sandager became a shareholder, director, and later the president. Three years later, the Enterprise Milling Company was formed, and the mill was built and became a great success due to the high-quality wheat in the surrounding area and the well-equipped facilities.

Apart from his involvement in the aforementioned enterprises, Mr. Sandager has achieved considerable prominence in the political arena. He was a member of the constitutional convention of 1889 and served in the first session of the legislature as a senator. As a delegate to state conventions, he became deeply involved in the political interests of the state. He is also active in various secret society circles, holding memberships in the Masonic Lodge, the Ancient Order of United Workmen, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, and the Modern Woodmen of America.

Mr. Sandager has made significant contributions to the development of the city, and its current reputation as a beautiful residential and business area is largely attributed to his efforts and influence. He owns a twenty-five-acre tract of land close to the main street, ten acres of which he donated to the city for a park. Sandager Park is now one of the most pleasant little retreats in the state.


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