North Dakota Genealogy

North Dakota Genealogy is being developed as a comprehensive genealogical and historical resource for your personal use. It includes information and records pertinent to North Dakota ancestry, family history, and genealogy. The resource offers access to a variety of records, such as birth, death, marriage, census, tax, court, and military records. Additionally, it provides fascinating genealogical and historical facts about different periods and notable individuals in North Dakota history.

Ashley Diamond Jubilee

The manuscript titled “Ashley Diamond Jubilee” is a historical account focusing on Ashley, North Dakota, and its surrounding communities. The document, spanning 279 pages, begins by discussing the Ashley Diamond Jubilee, a celebration of 75 years of progress in North Dakota. It includes various historical and administrative details about Ashley and McIntosh County, including the establishment of towns, early settlers, and the development of the area. Found on pages 154-258 are genealogies and biographies of the residents that lived there in 1963.

North Dakota Biographies

These biographical sketches were extracted from the History of the Red River Valley, Past And Present: Including an Account of the Counties, Cities, Towns And Villages of the Valley From the Time of Their First Settlement And Formation volumes 1 and 2. They include only those from North Dakota.

  1. Ames, Francis W.
  2. Anderson, Anton O.
  3. Bailey, William John
  4. Beecher, David H.
  5. Blaisdell, Hon. Alfred
  6. Bolstad, Ole
  7. Brown, Gen. William H.
  8. Bruce, Dean Andrew A.
  9. Burke, Gov. John
  10. Canniff, James Arnold
  11. Carmody, Hon. John
  12. Cavanagh, Dr. James Edward
  13. Clifford, George B.
  14. Cooper, E. C.
  15. Crum, Taylor
  16. Cummings, E. D.
  17. DeRemer, Joseph Bell
  18. Dinnie Brothers
  19. Dunlop, Stevenson
  20. Fisk, Hon. Charles Joseph
  21. Fretz, Eugene, Jr.
  22. Gaunt, John A.
  23. Gilbreath, W. C.
  24. Glass, William James
  25. Goddard, William Clark
  26. Gram, Charles Arthur
  27. Gray, Enos
  28. Grover, H. H.
  29. Hagen, T. J.
  30. Hanna, Hon. Louis Benjamin
  31. Hansbrough, Henry C.
  32. Hansen, Christian M.
  33. Hassell, Louis K.
  34. Hanson, Oliver Sigvard
  35. Holes, James
  36. Hubbard, Newton K.
  37. Hunter, Adison Irvin
  38. Hunter, Kenneth Campbell
  39. Kennedy, James
  40. Knudson, Oliver
  41. Knudson, Oscar C. G.
  42. LaMoure, Judson
  43. Landrecie, Onesine Joassin de
  44. Landt, Arthur Bernette
  45. Larimore, Newel Green
  46. Lewis, Robert S.
  47. Mathews, James Henry
  48. McCoy, Robert H.
  49. McDonald, Aaron
  50. McDonald, Donald
  51. McKendry, James Conkey
  52. Mitterling, Birt Elsworth
  53. Mooney, William J.
  54. Murphy, Michael F.
  55. Nisbet, Thomas
  56. Norman, Moses
  57. Peake, Amasa Parker
  58. Peirce, Joseph Dexter
  59. Poupore, Joseph R.
  60. Price, William J.
  61. Pugh, Thomas Hilliard
  62. Richardson, Luther B.
  63. Roberts, Samuel G.
  64. Rounsevell, Albert P.
  65. Runck, Mathias
  66. Russell, George Clinton
  67. Rutledge, Samuel W.
  68. Sandager, Andrew
  69. Sarles, E. Y.
  70. Scarff, Mark Tunis
  71. Scott, John W.
  72. Skulason, Bardi G.
  73. Sougstad, Otto
  74. Spaulding, Burleigh Folsom
  75. Spriggs, William
  76. Stevens, Jerry E.
  77. Stone, C. R.
  78. Strandness, Sigve
  79. Talcott, Frank Squier
  80. Tandberg, Nels
  81. Terrett, John H.
  82. Titus, Seymour B.
  83. Tobiason, Tobias R.
  84. Twamley, James
  85. Twichell, Treadwell
  86. Vallely, John
  87. Van Arnam, George
  88. Wall, Aurelius Lansing
  89. Welch, William Henry
  90. White, William H.
  91. Wilder, Frank Wellington
  92. Winterer, Herman
  93. Wisner, Victor Scott
  94. Witherstine, William Horace
  95. Worst, John Henry

North Dakota Genealogy

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New North Dakota Genealogy

Biography of Samuel G. Roberts, of Fargo, North Dakota

Samuel G. Roberts, born March 10, 1843, in Brooks, Maine, was a key figure in the development of Fargo, North Dakota. A Civil War veteran, he served in both the Seventeenth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry and Hancock’s Corps, achieving the rank of First Lieutenant. After the war, Roberts studied law in…
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Biography of Samuel W. Rutledge of Grand Forks North Dakota

Samuel W. Rutledge, M.D., born December 31, 1852, in Bellefontaine, Ohio, was a prominent physician in Grand Forks, North Dakota. After moving to Minnesota in his early childhood, he pursued medicine, graduating from the Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri in 1876. Rutledge practiced in Cresco, Iowa, before relocating to Grand…
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Biography of Seymour B. Titus of Grand Forks North Dakota

Seymour B. Titus, born June 3, 1851, in Oak Grove, Minnesota, was a successful banker in Grand Forks, North Dakota. He began his career in the First Bank of Shakopee in 1872, later working for a banker in Sauk Center. In 1879, Titus co-founded the Bank of Grand Forks, the…
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Biography of Sigve Strandness of Larimore North Dakota

Sigve Strandness, born December 14, 1853, in Norway, was a prominent merchant in Larimore, North Dakota. After moving to the U.S. and clerking in stores in Minnesota, he co-founded a store in Larimore in 1882. By 1895, he had bought out his partners and successfully managed the business alone. A…
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Biography of T. J. Hagen of Grand Forks North Dakota

T. J. Hagen, born August 26, 1865, in Hedermorken, Norway, was the treasurer of Grand Forks, North Dakota. He moved to Kristiania in 1882 to train as a gunsmith and emigrated to Hillsboro, North Dakota, after completing his apprenticeship. Hagen worked in various blacksmith shops before opening his own in…
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Biography of Thomas Hilliard Pugh of Larimore North Dakota

Thomas Hilliard Pugh, born July 6, 1868, in Peterboro, Ontario, was a distinguished lawyer in Larimore, North Dakota. Educated in Port Perry, Ontario, he initially taught school for four years. Pugh studied law under Charles E. Henry in AuSable, Michigan, and was admitted to the bar in 1891. After practicing…
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