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Christoph Bauer, born in 1885 in South Russia, moved to the U.S. in 1894, eventually settling in North Dakota. In 1906, he married Margaret Goebel and started farming near Lehr. After various endeavors, including running a grain elevator and working as a grain buyer, Christ entered public service as a city councilman, then as County Sheriff. Post-retirement, he supervised German prisoners in California during WWII, later becoming a park policeman in Lodi. In 1956, Christ and Margaret celebrated their 50th anniversary in Ashley before returning to Lodi, where they resided as of 1963.

Christoph Bauer and wife
Christoph Bauer and wife

Christoph Bauer, known as Christ, was born to Gottfried Bauer and wife Barbara, nee Koepplin, on November 23, 1885 in Grossliebenstadt, South Russia. At the age of two his father died and he was taken into the home of his aunt and uncle, John and Elizabeth Koepplin.

In 1894 they came to the United States on the same ship with his mother and stepfather, John Zimmerman. They arrived in Menno, South Dakota in March of the same year and stayed with friends by the name of Handel until June, when they moved to a farm in McIntosh County, about twelve miles southwest of Wishek, North Dakota. They resided there until 1898 when they moved to a farm in Logan County, about seven miles northwest of Lehr, North Dakota.

On September 11, 1906, Christ and Margaret Bauer, nee Goebel, who was born at Eureka, South Dakota to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Goebel, were joined in matrimony. On the same afternoon of their marriage they moved to a farm six miles north of Lehr, North Dakota, which they had rented from their brother-in-law, William Klein. During the two years they resided here two sons were born: Theodore, who lives in Ashley with his wife, Maggie, nee Sackman, and is employed by the Soo Line, and Albert, who died in 1918.

In 1908 they homesteaded on a farm southwest of Lehr which buildings they built themselves with the help of relatives. It was here that three more children were born: Barbara, who passed away in infancy; Ottilia, who resides with her husband Harold, who is a Colonel in the Air Force stationed at Travis AFB, California and her children, Terrence, who is also in the Air Force stationed at Travis and Patricia, who is a Federal Civil Service stenographer employed by the Air Force at Travis; Walter, who is employed by the Soo Line, lives in Ashley with his wife Esther, nee Schultz, and son James, who at this time just joined the Air Force and is stationed at Lackland AFB, Texas.

They resided on this farm until 1912 when Christ, his brother, William Bauer, and his brothers-in-law, Fred Goebel and William Klein, bought a grain elevator in Lehr which they operated until 1919 when it burned.

During 1920 and 1921, Christ was a dealer for the J. I. Case Agency, in Lehr. They then moved to Ashley and from October 1921 to 1932 he was employed by the McIntosh County Investment Company as a grain buyer for their elevator.

In 1928 he was elected a city councilman which office he held for four years. In 1932 he was elected County Sheriff which he held until 1936. He then rented the Standard Service station from Henry Huether and Mrs. Schauer which he operated until 1940 when he was again elected County Sheriff. He served in this office until 1945 when they moved to Lodi, California.

A few days after their arrival in Lodi, Christ obtained employment with the government as a foreman supervising German prisoners at Lathrop, California. He was employed in this position for eight months when he had to resign due to illness.

In 1946 he was employed by the City of Lodi as a park policeman, but because of illness he resigned in 1950. During the years of 1950 to 1952 Christ was unable to work due to illness.

Upon his recovery in 1952 he obtained employment with the Gienger Linoleum Company of Lodi by whom he was employed until 1956.

During the same year, Christ and Margaret returned to Ashley for a vacation where their children honored them with a fiftieth wedding anniversary celebration which was held at the First Baptist Church in Ashley.

Upon their return to Lodi, Christ retired. They presently (1963) reside at 333 East Elm Street in Lodi, California.


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